You Turned The Tables On Me

Benny Goodman

YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON MEBenny GoodmanI used to be the apple of your eyeI had yo with me every day,But now whenever you are passing by You're always looking the other wayIt's little things like thisThat prompt me to say:You turned the tables on meAnd now I'm falling for you;You turned the tables on meI can't believe that it's trueI always thought when you broughtThe lovely present you boughtWhy hadn't you brought me more,But now if you'd comeI'd welcome anythingFrom the five and ten cent store,You used to call me the topYou put me up on a throneYou let me fall with a dropAnd now I'm out on my own.But after thinking it over and over,I got what was coming to meJust like the sting of a beeYou turned the tables on me.