Benny Goodman

Stardust- Artist: Nat King Cole- peak Billboard position #79 in 1957- words by Mitchell Parish and music by Hoagy Carmichael- originally written as "Star Dust" in 1927- charted in 1930 by Irving Mills (#20)- charted in 1931 by Isham Jones (#1), Bing Crosby (#5), Louis Armstrong (#16) Wayne King (#17), and Lee Sims (#20).- charted in 1935 by Jimmie Lunceford (#10).- charted in 1936 by Benny Goodman (#2) and Tommy Dorsey (#8).- charted in 1939 by Sammy Kaye (#16).- charted in 1941 by Artie Shaw (#2), Tommy Dorsey (#7), and Glenn Miller (#20).- charted in 1943 by Baron Elliot (#18) and Tommy Dorsey (#23).- charted in 1957 by Billy Ward and His Dominoes featuring Jackie Wilson (#12).- charted in 1962 by Frank Sinatra (#98)- charted in 1964 by Nino Temple and April Stevens (#32).And now the purple dusk of twilight timeSteals across the meadows of my heartHigh up in the sky the little stars climbAlways reminding me that we're apartYou wander down the lane and far awayLeaving me a song that will not dieLove is now the stardust of yesterdayThe music of the years gone bySometimes I wonder why I spendThe lonely night dreaming of a songThe melody haunts my reverieAnd I am once again with youWhen our love was newAnd each kiss an inspirationBut that was long agoNow my consolationIs in the stardust of a songBeside a garden wallWhen stars are brightYou are in my armsThe nightingale tells his fairy taleA paradise where roses bloomThough I dream in vainIn my heart it will remainMy stardust melodyThe memory of love's refrainTranscribed by Robin Hood