Gotta Be This Or That

Benny Goodman

Gotta Be This Or ThatBenny Goodman & His OrchestraMusic and lyrics by Sunny SkylarGotta Be This Or ThatIf you ain't wrong, you're rightIf it ain't day, it's nightIf you ain't sure, you mightGotta be this or thatIf it ain't dry, it's wetIf you ain''t got, you getIf it ain't gross, it's netGotta be this or thatIf it ain't sis, you can't missIt's got to be your brotherCan't you see it's gotta beOne way or the otherIf it ain't full, it's blankIf you don't spend, you bankIf it ain't Dee, it's FrankGotta be this or thatFrom: [email protected]