Looking Back On Today


30th of April seems like yesterday

Bought a house above the ocean where

Our kids could laugh and play

I called you from Paris to tell you that I

Wrote our names on the observation deck

Of the Eiffel Tower

Remember those nights playing "Summer Wind"

On the jukebox of the bar where we used to go

We made out in the bathroom

And you walked me to my house

I tried to convice you not to go home

If only I had more time

I'd take you where you wanted to go

Italy isn't the same without you here

If only I had one wish

I'd want a million, trillion lifetimes

That I could spend with you

I'd fall in love with you again and again

1st of November 1998

I was thinking of what to say when I would call

Denice come over to my house 'cause you're the one for me

We'll drink cheap wine and watch for shooting stars

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