Giving Up On Love


these past few weeks

I've been confused

sometimes I wonder if

I'm better off alone.

you fall in love

then break your heart.

you fall in love again

its never ending.

I used to have this friend

who took his fiance

to see billy idol

a couple weeks before

their wedding day.

the chick got backstage

and left my friend outside.

next day he called

from a hotel

asking for a ride.

I guess I'm giving up on love (x3)

'cause it really kind of sucks


and growing tired

why am I always

so attracted to drama?

so here I am

grown up at 23

will someone tell me

what it takes to be happy?

I play in my band

and write a lot of songs

about relationships

and how mine went wrong.

maybe I'll meet that special

girl along the way

then she'll break my heart

and leave me crying.

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