Lately I've been feeling

a little bit neglected.

When it comes to your ex-boyfriends,

well, I guess I'm overprotective.

But it's nothing personal

I just wanted you to tell me that you


Lately I've been thinking 'bout

stickin' my hand in a toaster.

I never asked to take a ride

on this emotional roller-coaster.

It's you that I want,

and lately it feels like you're not there.

Lately I've been contemplating

jumping in the ocean.

Sometimes even Spock would show

a little more emotion!

Do you still love me now

as much as you loved me yesterday?


I try to let it out...

I bitch, cry, moan, whine, scream and

shout today,

but the wall wouldn't listen to me!

Why wouldn't it listen to me?

I'm sick of always cryin'

I don't wanna be sick of trying,

but you've gotta want me too.

Lately I've been hoping for

a little bit of affection.

Sometimes I wish that you had came

with your own set of directions.

I guess it's not that easy,

but I hope that you still love me anyway.

Lately I've been thinkin' 'bout

takin' a vow of silence,

I've never seen a monk result

in any acts of violence.

Or, maybe I'll just cry

and hope you come around again today.

(Repeat chorus)

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