Throb (hands Of Poseidon Mix)


these echoes play across her footsteps in the undertow, fading through your winter

and all the places that we used to know

colder still these feelings drown beneath your feet in velvet sounds

you bring me here, and bring me home and hold me close, and hold me down

it's a change, it's a turn it's the wrong way in a city paved with time

it's a heart, it's a burn, it's a reason and all the blame was mine

it's a night, it's a time for breaking it's a throb in a soul unfurled

it's a loss, it's a bridge of silence from here to the end of the world

and all we were burns slowly in dying fires and falling trees

and we become just one more reaching hand slipped deep into the sea

these fading eyes can't catch the light so far in front of me

that shines from all you tried to hold and throbs forth to bury me

it's a sin, it's a lie, holy water that never removes the stains

it's a drug, it's a fix, it's a mainline of the purest form of pain

it's a word it's a page of promises that are always broken (but always remain)

it's a drown at the hands of poseidon, it will never be, it will never be the same...