Headclouds Over Rising


across the children close, beyond the faces where I hide

in this empty torn up word, this creeping deep inside

this heaven swims into the blue you know I still look up to you

in love in everything you do, in every everything you do

render me in shadow, hold me in the face of a girl

when the marching men are drawing shades around your useless empty world

no love no more no reasons for

no hope no light no open doors

no words no consequences

no truth no pride no elegances

the storm of pain in coming soon to make these lies pull down the moon

all that you love sets down below and drowning fast in the undertow

on comet's tails we're breaking free from what's to come, from what will be

we know just where we want to go, for all of you, you'll never know

(she will be more than all you are, she'll never see your falling star)

where no shadows block the sun

where no hope is lost, where no rivers run

where the sun blooms for just one day

where we find the place, a winter hideway

forevermore I live this day

I let my ashen graces down, and pull my heart up from the ground

just for one chance to shine brighter than a thousand suns

for love, for truth that now is gone

I once was lost, but now am found

was blind but now I see

and for rhiannon is my elation

and for the lost ones there is nothing

and for rhiannon is my elation

and for the father there is nothing...