this darkening winter blows across my aching heart

my strength is ebbing, my soul is coming further and further apart

I've never seen a drier season, never known such burning heat

and just beyond the door, the constant reminders of defeat

I sometimes don't want to believe that all we were has come to this

all my hopes, all your promises so easily dismissed

you hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see

and all these things are all you want and none of them are me

this feeling is fading, this promise lied, this soul has nothing to feel inside

these friends forget, these stars will fall, these words mean nothing to you at all

this child is abandoned, this dark burns clear, the one who believed in me disappears

this love is over, this endless dread is all I have left to feel instead

oh, it grows upon you like a raven perched above your door

it meets you face to face but always leaves you face down on the floor

never summon what you cannot dismiss it goes on with every kiss

like shadows of all that came before it stays with you forevermore