The Black Succubus' Whores (nuclear Version 6

Arkhon Infaustus

I fall in blasphemy

There in succubian arms

Pleasures of the trinity

Once again in human hands

I see now they are my offerings

To my own sadistic pleasure

Black winged whore, angel of night

Make my joy rush out of pain

Could I possess all these females? Satan! Lilith!

All these naked bodies are ours! Satan sex sin hell... black cum from beyond

Could I fuck til' exhaustion? Drugs and sin... forever alive

These Satan daughters I love so... an offering oh so sweet... sweet...

Satan, my lord! Raping sluts with all your might

Satan, my lord! Desecrate the virgins cunt

Satan, my lord! Possess me with demons of might

Satan, my lord! Vomit cum from my cock

I command you bitch in my arms, you're nothing

You're anal bapitzed, you belong to the unearthly

Sperm now flows on her angel silky lips

Now baptized in fire, you're forever scarlet whores

Possessed by evil

Through my blood and my cum

Possessed by evil

God do not command us for we dwell beyond the mighty gates of hell

There is no heaven above, no redemption

Just hell awaiting you all