Domination Xtasy

Arkhon Infaustus

Orgiastic murder

Blood on the ground

A body for an altar

She draws the sign of her inner hell...

In this dark dungeon

A dark sexual mass

The corset tormentor

With dildos and handcuffs

Brings her soul to xtasy

Bondaged he cries

Sodomized he screams

She spits on your face

Like the wimp on his cross, soon you will die!

The dark mistress always sucks down the dead

The dark mistress only sucks down the dead

Your death makes her cum

A fistfucking prayer, an angels requiem

The whore queen commands

He obeys randy and thanks his executioner

She lashes the air with the devil's tail

Her eyes filled with hate, "obey to get her down"

Hurt me, love me, she's a pain paid hooker

You're my pain, my goddess... worship her cunt you slave!

The empress has left

Her slave sleeps forever

The praying mantis is satisfied till another night

Next night, she'll come

Just for you... your death'll make her cum!