Brethren Of Flesh

Arkhon Infaustus

Icons of lust and evil

Worship the primeval cult of flesh

Bestial ceremony

The unholy congregration starts to blasphemate

In the house of the nazarene

Fucking whores divine

Bitches in black and white

Cumming on the cross

Satan, now it's time to rise

Take me, to stand at your left

Christians, now it's time to kneel

Suck me, for your god is dead

I stand above all gods

Of anger and hate I was wrought

I stand before you

As Baphomet

Rise! You, demons of hell!

As I tell the ancient words

A circle of blood, lines of cum

Possess my body, free my black soul

Look into my eyes

See the burning hate that boils inside

Virgin Mary's a slut

Now come and lick my holy cum

You bitch!

Thorns that made him bleed

Nails that make me cum eternally!

Jesus sucks Satan in hell

And receives the seeds of evil

Black cum all over his face

The goat laughs

As demons ready their cocks

One by one, the blasphemy starts

Once the son of god

Now the whore of fucking hell!


Cum on the lord


Anally confirmed