Dead Cunt Maniac

Arkhon Infaustus

Eyes that lurk from the shadows

For they see what no man can see

Another angel will die soon

For the devil hunts tonight... and he's after you...

Addicted to Satan, cruelty's oblivion

The antichrist on earth and you're right in his way...uh? Fuck!

I have come to you sweetie to bring hell on earth

I know what you think, I watch your every move

Hear my breath behind you, your fear is my dope.. slut

The demon's fangs into your ass

You can't do anything but spread your

The black rites can begin, all you seven are here

Seven cunts, seven mouths, blood and cum offerings

Dead bodies, maid beauties, all are sacrificed for thee

Lord Satan, infamous, give me the joy of your demon whores

Death Hate Murder Blood Cum Evil

Death Hate Satan Kill God And His Christ

We the children of the goat

Pay devotion to our lord

When the day of the final war comes

My crimes will light the way down to the darkest hell

Nail Him! Nail Him! Die!

Nail him to the cross!!!

Bloodstains on my randy cock

Satan's inside my sucked in shell

Another angel is dead tonight

And it's ass has been filled up with hatred