Valley Of The Kings


Desperation on your own

Let the kindred spirits go

Keep on building, stone on stone

Never fail, never doubt

Stands alone, stone on stone

I shall lie within this shrine....

Waiting for ten thousand years

Free from preconceived ideas

Isolated, hibernating

Sleeping through the age of man

Darkest hour before the dawn

Patiently, silently

Hanging on a single hope

Clinging to a fragile rope

Desperation, preservation

Keeping the faith

Too much at stake

Do what the Gods say...

Every day the idea grows

Money is no object so

Keep on building, stone on stone

Let the temple reach the clouds

Stands alone, stone on stone

Working on the grandest scale

How could worshipped idols fail

What is mine is mine you know

Rights are not for you and so

Keep on building,

Stone on stone

Make it strong

and make it proud

Stands alone stone on stone

In this glory lies the key

Mine is immortality

Untold wealth hidden with care

by stealthy people

Promised riches stored in haste

by urgent people

Sworn on the good book, hard look,

hardly a whisper away

Sworn on the new faith, keepsake,

keeping a distance away

Jewels lie thick, as far as the eye

As far as the eye can barely see

Elegant crystal, the wishful

Dragged through the sands of time for me

Born from resistance, innocence

Into the darkness the blind will be thrown

Born from acceptance, vehemence

Venomous promises innocent foes

You will all hear me, all fear me

Standing in line with your faith at your feet

Do what your will has and fight back

Come meet your maker, Your saviour!

One man, fate unknown

Born of stone on stone

One flame lights the fire

Dawn of stone on stone

My faith will stand up alone

Your light enriching the sacred stone

One man, fate unknown

Born of stone on stone