In the distance

Hidden from sight - patiently

Waiting for me

Part of the night - enemy mine

This horizon

Darkness and light - opposites

Drawn together, one forever

Wrong and the right - enemy mine

Now is the time to decide......

Don't answer me with the same old questions

Don't patronise with those tired old solutions

I've heard these before, I've been here before

Don't pay me back with the same old deceptions

Don't give me facts and predictable suggestions

I've heard these before, I've been here before

Then you're screaming all the time

You don't listen any more

When you threw out the hope with the dustbin liners

You were standing alone with your coat of kindness

Covered in mud - it was soaked in my blood

When you fed me to the lions

in your personal arena

And you watched till the cries

and the prayers grew weaker

Head in my hands - Dripping tears in the sand

The roar of the lions

As the victim lies damned and alone.......

When agony comes

more from hope than failure

Look further than your preconceptions,


Where the power of the mind can

take you out beyond this reach

Higher than the dull

and simple world you know so well

Back to paradise.......

Who keeps the child - Tell

me which is the mother?

The need in her eye,

and the eyes of the other

and I've seen this before,

I've been here before

Cut the child in half,

give a piece to each woman

A desperate chance,

the last hope has fallen

Just like before,

I've felt this before

And the gurgles of laughter

Are echoes once more in my heart

So I lie down in my mothers arms

And I cry in my mothers arms, praying

Praying for the end to come.....

A friend to come and rescue me - right now

So I listen to my mother's voice

And I listen to the

Only choice she had to make

Living fear cold and nak