Crying For Help Vii


Help me, help me

Let us share this hope

That we may close our eyes in peace

Follow what may rise from this

Standing in the halls of grace

Let my people go

Was the cry I heard from far away

I should have known

Not to trust every word I heard them say

Help me, help me

There's a face I can see

Staring back in desperation

Nowhere to turn to now

Drowning in this sea of fate

Don't run! Don't hide!

The devil will find you anywhere

We should never have lied

The sin was always there

Help me, help me

This choice must be free

Answers do not grow on trees

We must face our enemies

With faith in one another

Don't fall down! Don't lie down!

You can lean on me my friend

The future may not bring us luck

But together we can go down fighting!

Help me, help me

Help me, help me