Rose In The Wind

Anggun C Sasmi

To the road I did take

Trembling as the ground shakes

Under my feet cracked in a stone heal

Never ending motion

Way across the ocean

Into your devotion

Long have I gone so far from my home


What to do with this love that I'm in

I have given you all of my soul

Flying all my life like a rose in the wind

Tell me why I'm always alone

On my way back home

(Indonesian spoken)

Dreaming always begins

Find a door that's opening

Something there is shining

The light in your eyes when you were all mine

All alone as I wake

Moving to a new place

Shivering as I trace

A road of my own cut by a deep cold

(Repeat chorus)

Hang on to me tight and a rose in the wind

Will be wherever you go

On your way back home

(indonesian spoken)

Can I take you back there?

Drifting on the warm air

Say you'll follow anywhere

All of our nights into the jade skies

I'll be true to you

Flying over the moon

Lying in the bamboo

I'll always know the light in the window

(repeat chorus)


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