Anggun C Sasmi

Take away the dark clouds from the world you see
Clear the haze around us, please don't rain on me
Tear the page of your doubts from the words you speak
Chase the pain in your brow, life can't be so bleak

Reff. :
I could follow you, whatever we go through
Do all that I can do, just to be there
Somewhere else, you'd rise above the rest
Then talking to yourself, going nowhere

See the day come shining right in fron of you
Set your sails a-gliding let the stars guide too
Anywhere the wind blows is better than these blues
Find you way, you're so close, heaven can come true

You could be sailing ... in a beautiful world

Valparaiso, valparaiso, valparaiso
Valparaiso by the sea
Bring me back into your dreams
Cause at my window there's a moon
From here to Cali and Bandung

You could be sailing whenever we confused
Anywhere you go, you know I could follow you
And I know heaven can come through

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