My Man

Anggun C Sasmi

Boys like you, can stop playing with the toys
Girls like me won't stop trying to change your world
If you wanna be my man (Ooh)
I will make you understand (Ooh)
If you wanna be my man
Quit the games you're playing

Bridge :
I've been watching you
Secretly lady, just like a hunter
I've been watching you
Looking for someone that you can conquer
I've been watching you
Bein' a player
If you wanna be my man
You have got to cease the chasing game

Reff :
Won't you drop your guns, arms in the air baby (yea)
Shake it up for once, so do you dare?
If you were my man, If you were my man
Won't you drop your guns for me? (for me)

Girls (girls) like me (like me) will keep (will keep) on falling for bad,
Boys (bad boys) like you (like you), think you (think you) can be rockin' my world (my world)
But if you wanna be my man (Ooh)
You could better understand (Ooh)
If you wanna be my man
Quit the games you're playing

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Later to set me free (set me free)
Better to set you free (set you free)
Better trying maybe (trying maybe)
Don't you know, you should know (Hey, your breakfast)
If you wanna be my man (lemme talk to ya)

Pras Michael :

Let me buy you a drink, better yet the bar
Listen I wanna be where you are
I know, don't really know who you are
But we can love in the club, make love in the car
Go back to the club, make it pop in the club
Look. Stop. Come give me a hug
You may not really know who I am
But trust me, I'm gonna be your man

Now I'ma tell you, like the G told me
Catch. Lose everythin' around me
I see the ring, but it's really no thing.
Hold'em off you kill a doover less fame
Hold up. Watcha mean you got a man?
Who's Ametrican, that's me ain't Japan
Creole over my pizza pan
You know, I know, I'm your number one fan

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