When It All Goes South


It'll creep up on ya like a cudzoo vine Even miles above the mason dixon line Till one day you're cravin hamony grits and scannin the jukebox for george jones hits drinkin jack black tryin to kick back till the condo's lookin like a shotgun shack you'll be one of us no matter where you're at

When it all goes south
(drvin around on a john deere tractor)
When it all goes south
(drinkin moonpies with r.c. cola)
Oh it really dont matter what state your in someday the souths goin to rise again

Theres a wall street wonder boy sittin up north throwin darts like a monkey at the stock market board got two homes car loans in debt and his third divorce aint even final yet traded his m.b.a for an suv on some backwoods road down in tennessee cuz man manhattan aint the place to be


When it all goes south

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