Lady Down On Love


It's her first night on the town
Since she was just eighteen
A lady down on love
And out of hope and dreams
The ties that once bound her
Now are broke away
And she's like a baby
Just learning how to play
She never thought that love
Could ever end so soon
Her mind drifts back in time
To a mid summer moon
When he ask her to marry and she gladly said "o.k."


Now she's a lady down on love
She needs somebody to gently pick her up
She's got her freedom but she'd rather be bound
To a man who would hold her and never let her down
Well I know the lady that's down on her love
Cause I use to hold her and had that special touch
But work took me away from home late at night
And I wasn't there when she turned out the lights
Then both of us got lonely and i gave into lust
And she just couldn't live with
A man she couldn't trust

{Repeat chorus}

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