Thistlehair The Christmas Bear


The city's full of manager scenes and stores lit up in red and green
But down the road just out of town there's more magic to be found
The countryside is all aglow with holly trees and mistletoe
And in these woods there lives a bear known to all as Thistlehair

Oh Thistlehair the Christmas bear spreadin' the good news everywhere
About Christmas time and what it means to all the childern of the world
Every little boy and girl out there loves Thistlehair

He comes aournf this time of year spreading lots of Christmas cheer
The kids all love his shiny coat and the smeel of honey on his nose
He tells them all about the Wondrous Star and everything that it stands for
And why the birthday we all celebrate is everyone's favorite holiday


Wherever you find Thistlehair there'll be music in the air
He dances 'round the Christmas tree every single Christmas Eve
Then he and all his furry friends go out Christmas caroling
Singin' 'bout the Angels' wings and the gifts of love that Christmas brings


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