Scenario (remix)

A Tribe Called Quest

featuring Leaders of the New School, Hood

Busta Rhymes:

Here in 1992, we present the fabulous what's the Scenario remix

Where as there are 7 MCs.

Six which are in physical form, one which is in spiritual essence

And he goes by the name of, uh...HOOD!


Check the vibe, punk that ass again, god

'F' it (SHIITT!!) ! I lay buckshots

Hood, madman, I rip up stages

Lay down your wages, I'm wild like Larry Davis

Extra, extra, pick up a clip. I'll tear that ass out the frame (HUH!)

And grab my dick(OH!)

By the beats that I bump, I kick and drop bombs

I'm rugged and deadly, so I shit on the petty

A musical badder bastard, I'm bad news

I'm crazy and clever, cut holes in crews

Death on the phono, my skills are dolo

You say 'oh no', you bitch ass homo

I bag up waste, electrifying, I'm primetime

I slaughter slime, I'm the greatest of all time

Sick ass brotha, nasty ass nigga

Pump slugs in your face and jump that ass in the river

Two tears in a bucket, fuck it, kick the can (SAY WHAT, SAY WHAT!!!)

I'm a bad, bad man


Quick is how I flip from the tip of the lip

Punchin out hits like Gladys Knight and the Pips

The 5 foot assassin has just raided your area

Your booty rhymes are wack and that's the reason why I'm hearin ya (SO!)

Pull out the red carpet cuz I'm kickin this

Vanilla Ice platinum? That shit's ridiculous

Excuse my French, but profanity is all I knew

And to you other sellouts, oh yeah, 'F' you too

And let it be known, I'm not the one to step to

You better off callin D-Nice to your rescue

Freestyle fanatic, probably the best around

As for corny MCs, like Chuck D, I 'Shut 'Em Down'

The Artical Don of hip-hop and I won't stop

The 5 foot assassin has come to wreck 'nuff shop

So do like Michael Jackson and 'Remember the TIme'(DO YOU REMEMBER?)

Put on you