One Two Shit

A Tribe Called Quest

featuring Busta Rhymes

Intro: Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes

One two, one two

One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (3X)

Yo it's the Q-Tip, you know I get down

Yes I rock to the rhythm of a funky sound

It go

One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X)

And it's the, Phife Dawg, and I do the same

And when it comes to rippin mics aiyyo it ain't no games

One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X)

Aiyyo you know it's Busta Rhymes, ev-ery time

Oh yes, I'm comin wicked with the new design

I'm sayin

One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X)

Verse One: Q-Tip

MC's ain't coming equipped with the rhymes

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

The time is eternal when you play with the miser

Soul is in my body, and the health make me wiser

The tantalizing wordplay yeah that's the joint

Sometimes I have to cuss just to prove my damn point

Brothers need to come, with better, compositions

I write, and recite, to make, good position

In this, rap game here, we en-gineer

Stabbin up the jam yeah son shit's clear

And I be kickin rhymes in my own damn way

Beatin niggaz to the punch like Sugar Ray

Got the cool-ass style, that's cooler than the cool

My lyrics is the bullet and the mic is the tool

Peace to C-Seventy-Three, and C-Seventy-Fo'

Do a little somethin when I'm out on tour

Comin thru like narcotics for the antibiotics

Flappin shorty's stockings to the Space-like Sprockets

What you really need to do is just boogie your ass

It's not gassed, we got to make the good times last

Let the good times roll, cuz we in control

Take you out on your high less you payin a toll

Let the good times roll, let the good times toll

Take you out on your high less you payin a toll

Verse Two: Phife Dawg


Why is that, MC's be wack

And major labels wanna sound like crap

Aiyyo Funk Dat!

Word to life I'
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