A Tribe Called Quest

featuring Consequence


We be the number one motivators

Ghetto mentality and the innovators

Some of y'all may really hate us

But we won't be soft, all we wanna do is rock


We be the crew that presents it on wicked instrumental

Damagin your mental, from here to Sacramento

This here groove was made for vintage freestylin

Feelin like I'm chillin on a Caribbean island

Rugged, raw material is what we bring forth

A Tribe Called Quest, we representin up North

What's that you're sayin in the back, actin all silly

Kickin freestyle raps, rollin up phillies


It's the four man fiasco in charge like Roscoe

Now you get the picture like Picasso

We make it happen when these niggaz start rappin

Who this, captain?

Stick out your hand, you gets no dap and..

I got the Razor, got the Phife, I got the Shaheed

Now all you shorties move your ass while you puff weed

Blessin fans with autographs in my paths

While other rappers get gassed, they be defeating the task


Yo, if I ruled the world

It wouldn't be that gassed shit, niggaz will make the light swirl

Cuz after you G, ain't nuthin but Girl...Scouts

And I'mma show you what it's all about(ah yeah)

Is what you say when my love is in your mouth

Without a doubt, I cut MCs like the cord

Cuz I does more than that MC from The Lords

While you be froggin like Bud-wei-ser

And rappin is what you slackin in

I'm knockin MCs outta action like abstinance

Rockin since kiss my dick was kickin ass

Peachfuzz, might be on drugs



To all my people across the state who sit back and contemplate

Motivate, I motivate

To all my people across the land who get their feet stuck in sand

Motivate, I motivate y'all


A yo, I speak with something new but not Granddaddy I.U.

Stay tuned, live from the L-B-Q

A y