Rock Rock Y'all

A Tribe Called Quest

featuring Jane Doe, Mos Def, Punch & Words

[Punch] Yo! We about to rock this joint, from the family. And

we want ya'll all to know, that it's time...

CHORUS (all):

To rock rock ya'll

Freak freak ya'll

To the beat ya'll

It's unique ya'll (2x)


A-yo praise the master, make plans wit' your pastor

My rap'll blast ya, send you to the hereafter

I push a tractor, for horses grazin' in the pasture

Ya heard I was trickin', the whole room filled with laughter

In ciphers, I'm the one you don't rhyme after

You only know half of the math, it don't add up

The lead batter, my hits make ya frame shatter

Watch me now! Just begun like Jimmy Castor

I'm bad luck just like walkin' under ladders

Mad rappers, book of life, last chapter

Me and my squad build just like contractors

I break shit, you only give hairline fractures

Women flash us, don't know ya better ask us

A bastard, wit' more contacts than Lens Crafters

Tear down the rafters, venerials couldn't clap us

You need practice, hit chicks then I'm Casper

[Jane Doe]

The church of scientology, feminine biology

Manic depressive psychologically, A.D.D. alive and we

Polluted by technology, the fumes and its ecology

While your thought you was out of copy I get nastier than sodomy

Probably an oddesey, started back on robbery

Was the degree of the economy that do the sovereignty

Regarded as a prodigy, leery in sociology

Let the wallabees always conceal my gynecology

Rhymin' pathologically, that's how it gotta be!

Never makin' no apology, worshippin' my anthropology

Fuck modesty, studyin' microbiology

Causin' verbal lobotomy, it's in my geneology

Six months of sobriety, movin' very methodically

Like a unicorn, more ways than oceanography

Guard technology, rip shows antibiotically

True thugs bionically, give birth to criminolo