Hard As A Stone

A Camp

In the morning and in the evening

When you think you’re alone

Too many hours in your apartment

Has made me hard a stone

I tried to crack you

I told you you’re the one

But you must have though that i was gone

I told you a lot of lies just to get laid

But your heart is hard as a stone

You’re a vicious but i’m a man

I’m gonna do what i can to remain hard as a stone

That little pigeon where did you find it?

I had to break her every bone

Eleven hours in your pool

No wonder i’m hard as a stone

She was delicious now i’m a star

If you wanna be what you are you better be hard as a stone

(the chorus)

You’re mean, but i’m a man

It’s not exactly what i planned but it seems i’m hard as a stone

Hard as a stone