Angel Of Sadness

A Camp

Something's waching over me

There's someone in my house that i can't see

I've asked her many times to leave

She tells me she's not evil

In my hours of confidence

When feeling real and worthy of my friends

When i let go of my defence

She's waiting in a corner

Angel Of Sadness

Leave Me Alone

Save Me Some Hours

To Try On My Own

When The Music Is Over

The Silence Is On

You Know I Will Be Yours Alone

So Pick Me Up And Carry Me On

Life with her is getting hard

It's like i'm not the driver of my own car

I'm not the holder of my credit car

Oh Jesus, make me sober

Misery comes and lovers go

I lose myself and sometimes i don't know

She says "i've always told you so

but i'll stay with you forever"

Angel Of Sadness....

Angel Of Sadness

Angel Of Grief

Save Me Some Hours

So Please Can You Leave

When The Music Is Over

The Silence Is On

I'll Be Completely On My Own

But I'll Work It Out

And Find Me A Home