Frequent Flyer

A Camp

Would you help me pack my bags?, I might be leaving

I need some sweet assistance while I’m stealing

Some of your time

I hope that’s fine

I got photographs of all you, all I’m needing

Forgiveness if I left you all believing

That I’m the one

‘cause I feel like none

and I need something to direct me to it


‘cause I’m a frequent flyer, notorious liar

but I can’t get close enough

I never get close

I can’t get close enough

I would love to tell my story from the ending

but the story is getting thin from heavy spending

and I need my man

and I need a friend

and I need someone to protect me from the rain


to the ending

I can’t get close enough ah ahhh

I can’t get close enough to the sun

I can’t get close enough


it seems
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