Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
147001 Johnny Cash

Come In Stranger (#6 Country / #66 Pop)

147002 Joss Stone

For The Love Of You (Parts 1 & 2)

147003 Judith de los Santos

Covered In Red

147004 Judas Priest

All The Way

147005 Joseph Arthur

Termite Song

147006 Journey

I Can See It In Your Eyes

147007 Juana la Loca


147008 Joni Mitchell

The Sire Of Sorrow (job's Sad Song)

147009 Juan Luis Guerra

La Cosquillita

147010 Judith


147011 Judith de los Santos


147012 Joy Division

The Kill (1977)

147013 Juana la Loca

Sábado A La Noche

147014 Judith Owen

I Promise You

147015 Johnny Cash

Come In Stranger (Alternate)

147016 Judas Priest


147017 Joss Stone

For the Love of You, Pts. 1-2

147018 Joni Mitchell

The Tea Leaf Prophecy (lay Down Your Arms)

147019 Judith de los Santos


147020 Journey

I Got A Reason

147021 Juana la Loca

Viernes A La Noche

147022 Joseph Arthur

The coldest sea

147023 Juanes

Ave Maria

147024 Juan Luis Guerra

La Hormiguita

147025 Joy Division

The Only Mistake

147026 Journey

I Would Find You

147027 Judith de los Santos

Fear Front

147028 Johnny Cash

Come in Stranger [Rare Alternate Version]

147029 Judy and Mary


147030 Joseph Arthur

The real you

147031 Judas Priest


147032 Journey

I'll Be Alright Without You

147033 Joni Mitchell

The Three Great Stimulants

147034 Judith de los Santos


147035 Joss Stone

Free Me

147036 Judy and Mary

Anemono No Koi

147037 Juan Luis Guerra

Las Avispas

147038 Joseph Arthur

The termite song

147039 Joy Division

The Sound Of Music

147040 Judy Boucher

Can't Be With You Tonight

147041 Judith de los Santos


147042 Journey

I'm Cryin'

147043 Johnny Cash

Come Take A Trip On My Airship

147044 Joni Mitchell

The Windfall (everything For Nothing)

147045 Juanes

Colombia Tierra Querida

147046 Joseph Arthur

This heart will swallow us

147047 Judith de los Santos


147048 Judy and Mary

Baby Q

147049 Judas Priest


147050 Joy Division

These Days

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