Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
147101 Joy Division


147102 Joni Mitchell


147103 Juan Luis Guerra


147104 Journey

In Self-Defense

147105 Judy and Mary


147106 Judy Collins

Bard Of My Heart

147107 Judy Garland

For Me And My Gal

147108 Joseph Arthur

You're So True

147109 Juan Luis Guerra

Si Tu Te Vas

147110 Joy Division


147111 Joss Stone


147112 Joni Mitchell

Two Grey Rooms

147113 Johnny Cash

Country Boy [Rare Demo Version]

147114 Judy Garland

For You For Me For Evermore

147115 Judy and Mary


147116 Judy Collins

Beyond The Sky

147117 Juan Luis Guerra


147118 Judas Priest

Beyond The Realms Of Death

147119 Joy Division

You're No Good For Me

147120 Journey

In The Morning Day

147121 Joseph Arthur

You've Been Loved

147122 Juanes

Es Por Ti

147123 Joni Mitchell

Underneath The Streetlight

147124 Judy Garland

Im Nobodys Baby

147125 Juan Luis Guerra

Te Regalo Una Rosa

147126 Judy Collins

Bold Fenian Men

147127 Judy and Mary


147128 Joss Stone

Holding Out For A Hero

147129 Journey

It Could Have Been You

147130 Judas Priest

Blood Red Skies

147131 Joni Mitchell

Wild Things Run Fast

147132 Juan Luis Guerra


147133 Judy Garland

On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe Jg

147134 Judy Collins

Bonnie Ship The Diamond

147135 Johnny Cash

Country Trash

147136 Journey

It's Just The Rain

147137 Juan Luis Guerra

Vale La Pena

147138 Judy and Mary

Doki Doki

147139 Judy Collins

Born To The Breed

147140 Juanes

Fijate Bien Donde Pisas

147141 Juan Luis Guerra

Visa Para Un Sueño

147142 Joni Mitchell


147143 Judy Garland

Over The Rainbow

147144 Journey

Just The Same Way

147145 Judas Priest

Blood Stained

147146 Joss Stone

Holding Out for a Hero (Bonus Track)

147147 Judy and Mary


147148 Judy Collins

Both Sides Now

147149 Juan Luis Guerra


147150 Judy Garland

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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