Lirik Lagu HE HAS DIED


This story talks about a man/ he lived in Sollentuna/ once he left to join the niggers' fight/ he never came back home again// He died strugglin' and dreamin' of his land/ and screaming loud its great name/ he was faithful to his own race/ and was killed by a black man// And now that he has died/ he will give pain to a nigger child/ tonight/ he'll dream the biggest troll/ that kills his father like a dog// na, na... // The man was loyal to his lord/ he had strength and courage/ he loved his wife who was a little doll/ he fought for all his stock// He had many things to teach his child/ who would have become like him/ but he turned to the other part/ and was banished without thinking twice// and now that...

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu VIKING

There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Viking was a thrash metal band from Los Angeles. They Released One Demo, and two full length lp's Do or Die in 1988 and Man of Straw in 1989, the later having its lyrics changed due to frontman/guitarist Ron Daniel's becoming a born again christian, they disbanded in the late 80's due to Frontman Ron Daniel and Drummer Matt Jordan being born again christians did not want to tour and the band eventually ... selengkapnya

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