Leatherwing Bat

Tommy Makem

"I" said the little leatherwing bat

"I'll tell you the reason that

The reason that I fly the night

Because I lost my heart's delight"


Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day

Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day

Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day

Hi lee-lee, little-I little-o

"I" said the robin as he flew

"When I was a young man, I chose too

If one wouldn't love me, the other one would

Don't you think my notion's good"

"I" said the red-bird sitting on a fence

"Once I loved a handsome wench

She got saucy and from me fled

Ever since, my head's been red"

"Hoot" said the owl with a head so white

"A lonesome day and a lonesome night

Thought I heard some pretty girl say

She'd court all night and sleep all day"

"No" said the turtle dove

"For that's no way for to gain his love

If you want to gain your heart's delight

Keep him awake both day and night"