Away To Mary Ann

Tommy Makem

I heard the rain on my window pane

And ever as it ran

It sang this song the whole night long

Go home to Mary Ann


Away, away, away, away

Before the day is dawning

If things go right this day and night

I'll see her in the morning

Where the sea birds soar by the rocky shore

And the mountains meet the sea

The four winds croon a lover's tune

For Mary Ann and me


I mind the day I went away

My heart was torn between

Her love so sweet and my wandering feet

And those far off hills looked green


But Mary Ann, sweet Mary Ann

Was ever on my mind

I rue the day I went away

And left the girl behind


Love can please and love can tease

And love can turn your mind

But old or new, a love that's true

Is very hard to find


Oh Mary Ann, my Mary Ann

I'm coming home today

Mary Ann, my Mary Ann

I'm coming home to stay