I cannot believe what I do not understand

(It's just impossible to believe what I don't understand)

Understanding and belief should be connected

(understanding is the prime condition to faith)

Thouse who don't get it yet believe are hypocrites

(those who do not understand yet say they believe are hypocrites,

anything which is beyond the limits of human reason is illusion, illusion, illusion)

You have done me no service no you have not helped me

(all you did was confuse but not enlighten my mind)

Therefore I owe you not gratitude but hatred

(nature is vice as much as it is virtue, maybe everything derives from one first cause Or:a trillion times as much as it might mean to you, ...

in which there is neither reason nor wisdom, nor wisdom)

It is amusing to see to what extravagent length

(man has taken fanaticism and imbecility to)

Excesses so unspeakable, unbearable

(the catalog of aberrations is invariably fascinating to contemplate, all we need from morality is contained in those words; make others happy as you yourself would be, and serve them in the way that you would yourself be served, the sole requirement is a good heart, a good heart, a good heart)