I Can Read Your Mind (The G-Mix)


I've been waitin' to tell you this
You are more than a man could ever want
Wait a minute, just let me look

(Snoop Dogg)
Waking up together doing thangs that you wanna
Hating on my lady cause you want to be my one
I ain't gonna stop you if you do keep coming
I'ma play the gat man and just keep on runnin'
Yeah I got 2 sons and a daughter and a wife
People think I live a luxurious life
Im hollering atchu hollaback
Yeah you wanna slide it back
With a pimp macking your homies how you did that

I stepped in the club in your hood
I slowly turned left and there you stood
You and your frinds talkin'
But when our eyes connect I knew then

It was just like two ways on beam
I'm your king, be my queen
And whatever you wanna do tonight
My truck is parked out front, so les ride

(Chorus 2x's)
I can read your mind babe (oh)
I know what your thinkin(I know what your thinkin' baby)
It's alright(with me)
It's alright,yes (oh whoa)

So baby take a ride with me
And I'll fufill all your fantasies
And when the rain starts pouring down
Then all the love thats lost will be found

I'll make your mind lose control
Over your body, that's my goal
So baby, just come down here
Just let the gravity pull you near me

(Chorus 2x's)

I know you wanna rub, I know you wanna touch
I know you wanna feel, so baby keep it real
I know you wanna see I know you wanna be
In my B-E-D grindin' slowly(2xs)


(Snoop Dogg)
Sneaking in and out of rooms
Every night's a honeymoon
Only Dogg and everythings on the low
I can't talk I won't talk even if I could
Now when we do it everybody in your neighborhood
Gon know about me and I can't be having that girl
See cause my thing is hush hush plus I'm round the world
I've been with housing girls, Asian girls
A hundred thousand girls but them Spanish girls
The coldest in the whole world
I smile when you see me in and out your bikini
Na I ain't drinking no Im'a pass on that martini
But I have hit of that, pass it hit it , pass it back
Dog see its cool here my girl taking care of that
Matter fact walk with that, ya'll could roll with that
See cause I'm rolling up a back, it's too small for the balls
See I'm bausing(?) up and now I'm smoking now
Now if your going with me, lets dip I'm rolling out

(Chorus 2x's)

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