Gangsta Ride


Chorus: Snoop Dogg *singing* (2X)

It's a gangsta gangsta ride

On the nutty danger side

As we ride, dip and slippin

Take your mind, on a high

[Silkk the Shocker]

Yo yo, from that DPG nigga to the CP3

Back to the house, East to the West

Now take it BACK to the South

You know.. how I switch my flow

If I'm lapsin you glad niggaz'll get mad then, hit the flo'

Gotta bag me some dank so I, hit the sto'

In the winter it's the Hummer for the summer it's the, six-fo'

Got niggaz mad at me (why?) Cause they can't get no six

Bitches upset with me (why?) Cause they can't get no dick

I'ma be on top of the game whether I'm, broke or rich

I don't stop once I'm on top I just drop mo' hits

I'm in the club with the thug, I just pop mo' Crist'

Tell Snoop to get the Coupe his new shit I just, gots to go get

Cause when I cock my shit, usually I pop my shit

Tell all you teary eyed females gettin over-offended

cause I don't jock no chick

I'm the Boss, and I don't follow no person, I follow Jesus

Y'all blame a bunch of kids, so I gotta roll my Adidas


[Snoop Dogg]

Boom bam as I step in the jam, god damn

Don't need no introduction, cause you know who I am

The S-N-double-O-P, the only, fo' sho'

Now motherfuckers let me hear you say hoe

I spit ya, spat at ya, whoot wham, get at ya

Rider, I threw a slider, right at ya

Mash ya, gat ya, drip-drop the hatchet

Keep the party crackin, while I'm steady rappin

This game we run, y'all know what's happenin

We back in effect, we got the heat on deck

I'm slidin down South with a blunt in my mouth

I catch a plane out East and try to make some peace

I'm hangin with my niggaz in the projects

The homie's throwin a party, I gotta get back West

Oh yeah -- that's right, we are the best

No Limit DPG Southwest connects, ya feel me?


[Snoop Dogg]

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