International Affair


Well in come di ting dem a call di ol' to di new

Dun know a say Sean-A-Paul a get it fi new

Mike Ranson and Debbie Nova pon di track

Dutty haffi bring it come back

A Dutty Yeah!

[Rakim sample] - "With the record that was mixed a long time ago"

[Sean Paul]

Don't worry baby I'm a naturalist

I got ya livin in Wonderland like ya name was Alice

And ova here we don't keep malice

We just keepin it live, we get our just ago bun gallis

Dey say ya girls can't understand it

Well I an I, Sean-A-Paul and well dey a nuh fret pon it

So tell ya sistren get pon it

A mek we roll inna di right part, pass di Cris, and bump di Chris Wallace

I got di crisp bills inna mi wallet

And yuh should know when mi floss ain't nobody a cyaan come stall it

Anyting ya want nuh fear fi call it

Sean-A-Paul, Mike Ranson we a dey pon di top alla it

[Chorus: Sean Paul]

All day, all night

Ready fi get di cook up hype an

Ya see we nah stray, we roll tight

Alla mi girls get ya hands up for mi hype

All night, all day

Dutty Rockin' it from Kingston J-A

Let's ride, all night

It's alright

[Debbie Nova (Sean Paul)]


You can take me there (yeah, mon)

Damn right, that's if I go anyweh (Girl I'll take you there)

Ohhh, we're off to San Jose (Oonu girl)

Then we'll see you and me back down to J-A (International Affair)

Oh baby

[Sean Paul]

She a take di Bible out the city girl

An we normal back it wit we it is a crazy and a tricky world

Forget ti bring it ya hippie girl

We gonna tug it inna di club, shake ya ass mek ya titties swirl

Di way ya heart a nuh go flop me nuh ga ease up

Woman fi make mi blood pressure, start to increase up

Cold shoulder wey you a give me, mek me freeze up

What's di hold up, what's di tease up

My girl, I just want di chance to make ya body please up

Too much dog wey ya hang with, dem all a fleas

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