Connection - Sean Paul, Nina Sky


Reachin' out and touchin' the gal dem makin' dem life happy
Them draw fi a dutty cup youth fi slap it..
You done know say right now the boriquas call me papi...Nina Skyy.

Boy when you touch my body...You know you make me feel hot
We're going home after this party...So you can show me what you got.
We start slow, got all the time you need...No where to go, baby it's you and me
Let's go....make we....say yo....oh oh....

Verse 1:
Rubbin it together touchin' it up a me pleasure
Gal a me a the connector to give you the right pressure
Me a the professor gal a gonna get you wetter make you start sweater
Feel better in any kinda weather..
We a the a follow back a we them say we a the breeder..
Say dem wanna get all of the juice from da seed ya..
Say dem read about we everyday inna the media...
And them say good lovin' wey dem need ya...again..

Verse 2:
Anytime we work them we haffi work them properly
Make them know say that we've got the bedroom strategy
Fi rock the gal dem right this is a necessity
Onnu listen to the dutty philosophy, onnu fi penny me..
Make sure say that onnu a stock up onnu Guinesses
Cut up onnu chronic stuff in up in onnu chalices
Haffi know how fi work pon the gal dem premises
This a we analysis we buss it and we never miss..

Verse 3:
I've been high on you since the spot
We started..I can't deny it...You made me hot
Your energy's takin' hold of me
Can you feel the heat when you're next to me
You begin...the way you dance...So screams romance
Come homeboy, I hope to see...what you have in store for me

So big up all of the gal dem with wifey title
And big up all the gal dem in the matey circle..
Perform pon dem and work dem like bicycle cause the
Gal dem want the lovin' denm no want get stifle yow...
The gal dem want fi feel the fire and feel the flame...
Gal dem want the thing fi drive dem mind insane
Turn on the pressure make them feel all the pain
Cause the gal dem want the all night train, yow...


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