Win Lose Or Draw


featuring DMG Johnny P Lo Ke



I read the book of Revalations

and now I realize we in revalations

and on that note I make this statement

For all the young guns to become one to die young

because the world is filled with hatred

and they aim to blame our sons

and I done seen down the barrel of a strap before

but I don't wanna die no mo' I fear the reaper

help us Jesus, help to keep us away from all the sadness

and deliver us from the hate that cause the madness

I'm glad its installed in me from day one

Believe in something because most of my homies believe in nothing

and paying for it, God bless your souls, I'll be praying for it

eventually you'll have your day in court

and I done been a witness to homocide

seen a whole family die

before the stones of diamonds in the sky

through my bloodshot eyes feel the hurt and all the hate

that I've trapped inside because the hurtin' hard to ache

there's a smile on my face

but, that's to keep a man from crying

cause deep down inside, I know I'm dying

I'm born for it, gon' take some time to getting used to

and Satan I know that your listening but I rebuke you

and refuse to let you capture me and kill my will

just to survive the game of life, win or lose

do or die, refuse to let you capture me to kill my will

to survive the game of life, win or lose, do or die

Chorus (Johnny P):


Whether we win or lose this life to do or die

but sometimes we lose the will to win and wonder why


Open my hands like a book

years and years me and my notebook

I take a cl