Come On Everybody

Run Dmc

[Run] Mic checka..

[DMC] Yes y'all, and I am..

the grand, imperial wizard.. D.M.C..

And you're listening to the sounds..

as we take you onnnnnn down..

to the lasssssssssssst STOP!

Chorus: Run-D.M.C. (repeat 4X)

Come on everybody, let's all get down


K-k-k-coolin (coolin) relaxin and we're coolin

Rulin while we're schoolin ?? the teacher who ya foolin?

While in, trainin, your brain and foe are entranced

I talk to tiny tots and just like Watson, "Elementary"


Back in eighty-two and three I made the word 'DEF'

Gave life to the mic now you know liggity-left

riggity-right (RIGHT, all that, swinger)

You was crappin in your Pampers now don't tamper with the ??


Baddest of the bad, I think of thickness here I come

I get dumb (diddy) dumb (diddy diddy) dumb dumb

(and here we go) Here we go! HERE WE HERE WE HERE WE GO

A lot (of niggaz) bitin (off my) old style flow

But up off the subject, you know I shut em down an'

I think I seen em sinkin matter fact I seen em drownin

(Yo who kicks the flavor?) DJ Run'll keep you guessin

Here's a little tip, it's the Tribe for your Quest'n

Two-seven and I'm representin, comin from HOLLIS

Queens is what I mean, Ma Dukes is cookin COLLARDS

Feelin like ??, and matched up sticks

Down With the King, and we swing it on the mix

of a funky funky (new new) b-boy sound

So come on everybody let's all get down



Break backs, make tracks, take acts and wax a nigga

that lacks take gats tap at the trigga

D.M.C. you see I got a little bigga

Jam Master Jay a with the zigga-zigga

Produce, bamboost, let loose the sound

No groups or troops could boo me down

I slam and jam, command the land

Don't give a damn they ban, my band will stand

I come to you all knew my crew is true

Do what I do, I do since eighty-two

I got the rhyme, get mine, I got to climb

I wo

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