Big Willie

Run Dmc

[Run] One two, one two..
[DMC] And this is, the hardcore raw
Lyrical law, never seen before
And I am, D.M.C..
And for all of y'all
This is the way, we reckless for rhymes

You got to save it for David and wave it if you think that I gave it
I never gave a damn about a critic so save it
I run amuk demanding my opinion you make it
The critic'll get the didick and if you got it then stay with it
You never knew me but you flew me to your town see
by kickin dollars straight to Hollis I'm off the ground B
I never heard of such where niggaz stand and I fell
I'm doin years with this career like Patti La-Belle
And if I ever was to fall I fell upon ya
Like ?? I made my mind I come to con ya
I see females I tell them yo my word is bond huh
Like Terri Teresa Tammi Tawana Tarena and Tonya
I'm comin hard I got your head and yeah the lock's on
I threw you up, why did your daddy ?? cock strong
I rock I wreck I rip a rhyme I ??
My rap is right I write a rip-and-ready rock song

Call on the brother to come and get dumb
until the def drum come as they come, when they come
I said I rip some, tearin them up, a big up
A whattup?A nigga, a so what, yeah put your bricks up
I knock down the walls because I got to
The rock sound because I hip-hop new
Not the old, gold, from around the neck
And when I grab ahold you give me nuff respect
In a black BM, with my contact lens
When the track begins, I'm setting new rap trends
Lettin lyrics I lay down
You play loud I stay proud with Jay down you stay down
Get up on the truck song, the one you put your buck on
You're stuck on, you're luck on, you're sucked on
a lollipop SUCKA
I snuck ya, I struck ya, you stupid mother..

I gotta come my name is Run and me and D we been appointed
I'm ever so clever you never TOUCH the annointed
I'm Born Again I got a friend the Lord I rearrange
but other than that I'm livin fat and ain't NUTHIN changed
Big Willie still in your grilly, you better block son
I bust you up and then I blast you with my Bop Gun
A million times rhyme risin to the prime
while another nigga's cuts get bucks, like it's a dope rhyme
Be instead I'd rather leave another brother dead
cause yet another brother deaded from the slow dread
I'm makin papers, brothers catchin vapors
Try to lick shot, you get got, catch you later
This ain't The Cosby Show you know what it's like A Different World
We're livin inside a world where you get the cash, you hit the girl
So check the hypness, I'm not livin like this
I'm the type of guy to bust your eye, you lose your whiteness
You comin butt when you wish upon a star
but I could never be butt, so yo, bust the guitar!

.. *guitar and scratches* ..

Heads up my brother, here comes another
word to the verb the urge to discover
a lover, you hover, you smother, my brother
You can't do nothin other than take the record out the cover
You get the song at it's strong and randomn flow
You sing along cause the words you heard you know
Hostyle the style that style is wild
The penile is where I goes and smile
Because I pop a lot, they try to lock me up
Because I rock the block, they try to stop me up
But I'm sly as a fox I can rocks
I got smarts when they starts tradin shots they get dropped
I pull my card I pull my card I pull my card NOT
I use the rock to be hard, I'm a hard rock
You get a speedknot, and then you bleed a lot
You better read a lot because you really need a lot of
information, and some education
Cause I'm replacin what you hearin on your station
Darryl is a Mack, Joe is in the Public
Jason leads the nation and I know you're gonna love it, Jay!!

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