Going Away

Pat Green

Lately I'm feeling kinda broken,
like a man out of sorts with the world,
and I ain't got no explanation,
and if I did I know I'd sound absurd.


I can't change a thing no matter what I do,
and you don't care what I say,
I can't hide the pain anymore,
ohhh I'm going away.

I just need a way to keep the rain out,
to land with my both feet on the ground,
but every time I go to stand up on my own,
you come along, you come along and knock me down.


Maybe I'll break out for the mountains,
or maybe I'll head for Mexico,
then you come in beggin' pleading,
you said baby please don't leave me,
but I've made up my mind,
I've made up my mind it's time to go.