Adios Days

Pat Green


Adios days in the wide open prairie,
nights on the canyon are gone,
Steven is dead and Jonny got married,
me I'm here all on my own.

I used to have nights on the town of Laredo,
spinning the girls cross the floor,
now I'm too old for dancing and too far gone on the whiskey,
so I don't go down there no more.


My dad was a top hand when he was a young man,
rode for the Diamond-Bar-J,
he'd push all day long from the back of his pony,
nighttime he'd gather up all his strays.

He hated the cities and he cussed all the railroads,
said they would lead us to fall,
now we have street cars and the cowboy is dying,
I guess he weren't too far from wrong.


Chorus 2x