Perfect Teeth

Motion City Soundtrack

someday i fear i will be rescued from the boredom line

with lack of memory i fail to question

why with perfect sound you bring me down

hey i'm not listening

you're through killing me

with all your facts and late night therapy like "paul's boutique"

on empty streets parked

and waiting for lights to turn on for good luck and drunk on your parents' favorite wine

all the things i remember were they worthy of writing down

bury me in memories of ck1 and tight white t's like air guitar in muscle cars with "perfect teeth"

the way we are back in '95

more def than alive

i wrote the screenplay to lack of direction

late night movie "dates" with girls who skate and i just can't relate

i'm through with school 'cause i broke the rules now i work for the man and i'm drunk once again watching reruns of night court ib cable t.v. wake up

thought that everybody loved me

thought that everybody cared

that that i might have the strength to carry on turns out that i'm barely holding on, hey hey hey it's been quite a long time

i i i don't miss last november alright

yeah it's time for a high-five, hey hey hey

it's been quite a long time