McAuley-Schenker Group

If you want paradise

If you can't make a choice

You're standing at the crossing of your life

Something's gotten hold of you

You can't think straight

What can you do?

Turn around and walk the other way

Life is full of mysteries

That come and go on the breeze

Oh! never changin' never changin'

We learn the golden rule

Spend our teenage lives in school

Takin' for granted day by day

Always something else to do

Distractions get the best of you

When you're young you think you know the way

There's preassures of another kind

Too frivilous, so never mind

Oh! never changin', never changin'

What is there to understand?

Someone always takes your hand

Oh! never changin', never changin'

You can find it anywhere,

It's just a matter of time

Hey what you lookin' for

Lookin' ain't no crime

Walk right up to the edge

Takt a look at life

Face to face with you

Staring at the truth

Gone with the wink of an eye

Disappeared, like the wind