Lonely Nights

McAuley-Schenker Group

Keep the home fire burnin' girl

Even though I'm gone

Cause you know I'II be back again

Just like there's nothin' wrong

Gets lonely in the night time

All I do is think of you

24 hours of every day

I'm goin' crazy Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

When I walk through your door

I'll give you what you want

You want love babe

Gonna give you soms love babe

Been so hungry for your touch

I hope my heart can take it

Can you take it. ooh'

Really take it

Those lonely nights won't gonna away

Until your lovin' arms are

Wrapped around me every day

Lonely nights, Lonely nights

They won't go away

Well I just can't wait to see you babe

This road gets weary babe

(But) I know l gotta face it

In my heart I got your photograph

(Cause) it's the safest place to keep it

Another thousand miles today

Soon be back in good LA.

One more hotel then I'm home

Get ready baby, here I come

When I walk through your door

Into your lovin' arms

Gonna gimme' your love babe

Gonna give you my love babe

Been so long I can hardly wait

I can feel the rush

Ooh' Push it baby

Rocka-Bye Baby