Clubbin (Feat. Joe Budden & Pied Piper)

Marques Houston , Joe Budden , PIED PIPER

(Yeah, whooo) C'mon,(uh huh)C'mon(chorus)
It's the piper,Cmon

Joe Budden/MH

You know we be up in the club, where we do things like
Throw our hands up, all kinds of drinks
Off in the club, all of ma thugs
Honeys showin love, Djs playin that cut

First verseMH:

Im dancin with a nice honey,and her friend
One on the back and one on the front,
Shakin it up,Shakin it up, mommy don't break it,
Takin it down, takin it down, I love the way you snake it,
You got the best of me, doin' what you doin',
Up in the V.I.P, doin whatchu doin
Girl im about to buy you anything you want,
Put you in the coupe, and take your pretty ass home,
Last call for alcohol, you know how we do,(yeah)

(Chorus 1x)
Joe Budden:
You know we be up in the club like (ooooh)

Second verse MH:

I pull up on dubs, hop up off the whip,
And im into the club, honeys on each side,
Im up on ma cellular talkin to this chick,
Who's gotta taste for a thug,sometimes pimpin is tough, white T throwback, Jacob on my wrist,
Superstar worldwide, it is what it is,
We could party at my crib, that's till after,
till six in the mornin, drinks and laughter (maybe seven)


(oh oh oh oh) its a party, mama's gettin naughty,gotta sexy body like(oh oh oh oh) feelin roudy bout to,while this place out,
You know how we do in the club,

(Chorus 2x)
Joe Budden:
You know we be up in the club like (ooooh)

Third Verse: Joe Budden

Mami,you gon holla I can spotchu out a corner of yo eye,
Tell you wanna ride, you looking at papi like ooooh,
Wanna hold hands, no amp,no man,
Joe can, but you and yo friend can both get rammed like oooh,
You'se a private dancer, low rider when she walks pullin her pants up,Its all good baby, you know where im at right, in case you need me to come put it on yo backside, only if you act