Like This Featuring Yung Joc

Marques Houston

(feat. Yung Joc)

[Yung Joc]
A shorty get like me, do it like this
It'll be every dream, baby fuck a price list
Joc grow with it, I see what I want
One or not gon' get it, them haters wanna hate
Grown with it, my God I'm dope boy fresh
Hit the toe and Izod
The most downloaded song in your iPODs
Me and MH never tricked, so why start?
Shorty keep back, play your part

[MH (Yung Joc)]
Rollin in the Bently watch how I hit the strip
Wrist blingin on the steering whip
It's like a house on 24s
Everybody knows, this is how it goes (Gotta make it do)
I don't wanna go but if you cant
Try it and do it like this
Pop a bottle when you hit the club
Tippin ball well, get a lil' tipsy yall
Then make your way to the dance floor, Hey

[1- MH (Yung Joc)]
(Bounce like this, work them hips)
Ladies show these fellas how you grind like this
(Fellas walk like this, talk that ish]
We're gonna show these ladies how we hump like this
Like this, like this (In the club)
Like this, do it like this (In the club)
Like this, like this (In the club)
Like this, do it like this

Roll up in the club, and I'm lookin kinda icy
Red monkey jeans, with a fitted and a white tee
I know ladies you lie, yall wanna know wassup
I'm tryna see is a honey with a fatty
Drop it down south and back it up on Big Daddy
That's cool, do it how you do
Yeah mami thats wassup, now let me see ya

[Repeat 1]

[Yung Joc]
I'm as slum as they come, yeah I know it
Ertime I open up my mouth I show it
Erbody's on, baby I blow it
Gotta couple wars if these strippers I'mma throw it
Gotta couple bottles, yeah gonna pour it
Baby we Crystal shorty we'll mow it
Ice, tonight's the night
I'm in the big Coup fitted tilted to the right, you like?
I know, you choose it, Young J-O and Marq Houston
Meet me in the room, it's going down
I wanna see you in that Vicky Secret gown
clap on, clap off, I wanna see the lights go down
clap on, clap off, I wanna see you turn that thing around

[Repeat 1]

[MH (Yung Joc)]
This is MH, Yung Joc, TUG, Bad Boys-sa
(Block Entertainment)
Collabo', let's go
(You heard? My homie, MH, huh)
(You got em' going crazy with this one)
(The track, the club, all that, whoooo)