We Don't


[Verse One]
I'm not the standard at all and wouldn't claim to be
But since Christ snatched me up theres been a lot of change in me
I got my world view corrected; I see things eternal
Yeah I've got a whole new perspective
I don't use drugs or sell
I keep acountabilty cause my flesh...yeah it loves to fail
I don't go where I used to go
I got my number changed twice for the girls that I used to know
I don't trip when I pass the cops
cause I'm not making assists; you know trying to pass the rock
I don't live life scared of death
cause when I take my last breath
The next step is there in text
I'm not a legalist and I aint hatin'
but there's things I don't and won't do; yeah I read Galatians
And I keep reading Ephesians if it's Christ we believe in
We should't be confused with the heathens

You gonna ride with us?
Nah I don't do that there!
You gettin' high with us?
Nah I don't do that there!
You wanna hit a lick (theft)?
Nah I don't that there!
Get a couple chics?
Uh Unh I don't do that there!

[Verse Two]
Man I don't trip of coppin' whips
If it aint a DVD you won't catch me pop in clips.
I aint worried chains or shoes
My God's thinkin' bout whether to change the city sky from Greys to blues
I don't care about the famous names
Cause when Christ comes back a lot of folks will be nameless man
and I aint worried about speakin his name
cause if it wasn't for Christ yeah we'd all be sinkin in flames
I don't even wanna "change the game"
Your'e favorite rapper got saved last night
Yeah that's the aim
The world wer'e livin in is simply tempting
So I quit consenting to my flesh when it tries to pimp me
Until I die or Christ comes to get me
I aint doing what this world wants to do
Now is ya wit me? (Are you with me?)


Yo I'mma keep it short simple and plain
I used to fiend for the pimp game
Til I got with Christ and switched my aim
Flipped my pain to a burden to grab hip-hop, his name and merge it
with His word as the plate then serve it
Cats are like "who you serve kid?" It's gotta be HIM
who wiped my sin slate clean like Oxy 10
I rock Christ from PA to Dallas
R-Swift and LeCrae walk in the Spirit til our feet ache with callous
Naw I'm buggin, but for real my point is
with Christ life is pointless; this joint is
For the prisoners trapped on the block where blasted shots cause cats
to drop like temperatures
Without Christ and restoration
your chance of makin it is slimmer than Blacks getting reparations
Jesus Christ man the Ancient of Days
Get with HIM for eternal life and pass the phrase!